I just had to share this…

My good friend and colleague, Lawrence Tam, wrote this great blog post and I had to share this information.

As I was reading through the article and also checking out the ShopNBC information, I just kept thinking of that old saying… “Things that make you go hmmmmm…”. Remember that?? (Or am I dating myself??)

This seriously made me go “hmmmmm”!

Check out this 1987 MS70 Silver America Eagle (see photo below) – You can also view it on the ShopNBC site by clicking HERE!

(I just wanted to point out the retail value of this coin – $12,500!!!)

Check out the full article HERE.

So, where are you storing all your lotions, potions, juices, and other products that you have to purchase from your MLM?

Have your lotions accumulated value over time?

Have your potions accumulated value over time?

How about your juice products? Or have they expired?

Hmmm……….. that’s what I thought!

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