Todd Falcone… an amazing speaker and trainer in the Network Marketing industry is the MAN!!!

Todd Falcone has created numerous training products, including Insider Secrets to Recruiting Professionals, How to Win in the Game of Prospecting, The Little Black Book of Scripts, and his upcoming Sponsoring Success Series.

Todd recently held an Emergency Training for My Lead System Pro members (it was tonight!) and I had to share the knowledge he gave away at this webinar… and share with you an upcoming training series where you will have the opportunity to basically “look over his shoulder”.

Getting back to the 5 Unknown Truths….

Unknown Truth #1 – They are all every day, regular, ordinary people.

Master Networkers are not different from you; they just do different things. They are not super tall, they are not super fast, they are not super strong, etc. They are just like you and me. The difference is this… they have made a conscious decision to take whatever action necessary for their network marketing business to succeed.

Unknown Truth #2 – They are consistent in more ways than one.

Master Networkers almost never change their tune; they maintain a level of consistency. There is reliability in their consistency. The primary activities that make them money, keep making them money. People are looking for reliability; there is security in this.

Unknown Truth #3 – They are generous and giving.

Most Master Networkers are givers and are very generous people. They live by the following, “How can I be of service?” Successful people volunteer.

Unknown Truth #4 – The candle burns more than you think.

Master Networkers work very hard, burning the candle at both ends, and sacrificing things they normally may do. The rewards can be so fulfilling, above and beyond the income. Top earners don’t work just 1 hour/day. They roll up their sleeves and get after it. And, this is not perceived as work… it is a joyful and fun experience. It’s time to get excited every day to do what you do.

Unknown Truth #5 – They are all guilty of plagiarism.

Master Networkers are all guilty of copying. All of them! You and me are guilty, too! We are all guilty of copying success. Why not copy what is working for someone else? It’s not like you are stealing people’s articles, products, etc. Big producers want you to copy to the best of your ability.

Great insight, yes??!!! Todd Falcone is amazing and hilarious leader and trainer! Love his stuff! I have learned so many tips, strategies, and methods from Todd.

And, now I have just signed up to attend Todd Falcone’s Sponsoring Success Series Live (via Tele-Seminar). I am so excited about this upcoming event that I wanted to share it with you! Todd will be explain the exact methods he uses for prospecting… and he is a master prospector!

Now, I want you to participate as well, so this is the deal. Click on the Link HERE, sign up for this upcoming awesome event, and I will provide ½ hour of one-on-one coaching for FREE! (valued at $150)

Do you have questions on driving traffic to your site?
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Get the answers and training you need! Sign up for Sponsoring Success Series (the current price point, which I can’t even believe, is only available until 6/2/11 Midnight), email me your receipt, and we will set up a time to answer all your questions!

Can’t wait!

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