I have completely exposed myself… (NO! It’s not that kind of video!!!)

…And this was not easy.

I wasn’t going to post this on my site…

Heck… I wasn’t even going to record this video…

However, I am hoping I can connect with you. I am real. I am being open and honest. I am ready for a breakthrough.

Hence… the video.

I am a single mom… (my kids are my HUGE WHY!!)

I am an entrepreneur, mompreneur, business owner, and more…

I am a Corporate Executive… (I know… crazy, right??!)

So, I am baring my soul, putting myself out there…

…sharing my story.

So, here it is. My story revealed…

Now, it’s your turn and I challenge you.

What’s your story? You have one, you know. We all do.


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Have an empowering day!


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