“Compensation Plan” – OMG… where have I been and what have I been doing??!!!

Have you ever felt like this?

Do you think you really know and understand your compensation plan?

Just over the last few weeks, the light bulb went off.

compensation plan

Just over the last few weeks, I have made some changes.

Just over the last few weeks, I have finally realized what my problem was!

Do you know why you aren’t making any money on line?

compensation plan

Do you fully understand your compensation plan or any other compensation plan out there?

Can I be frank and honest with you?

This training is no bull, no frills, no “pulling the wool” over your eyes.

This training is about putting it out there and letting you decide.

Fair enough?

Watch this short epiphany on compensation plan... you will be glad you did.

Is that not flippin’ crazy?

Team, team, team, team, team…. It’s all about a team compensation plan.

Please Note: Due to some technical challenges, the bonuses are extended to 2/29/12 12 Midnight PST.


compensation plan

compensation plan

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