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Terri Murphy, President and founder of WomensWisdomNetwork.com, is an author and was named one of the top 50 most influential Women Leaders in Real Estate in 2008.  Terri helps clients develop new relationships with breakthrough marketing strategies and communication techniques.  Terri recently shared how to create a compelling elevator speech and why this is important.

Have you ever encountered that “big moment” when you have a chance to meet an important prospect and when asked, “What do you do?”, you launch into a rambling presentation of all your products and services?  Are you smiling?  You have done this before, haven’t you?  Well, what can you do to ensure you don’t blow it the next time?

You need a creative Elevator Speech.  What is an Elevator Speech?  This is a brief description of what you do and who you do it for.  How do you help customers?  You need to add value and provide benefits.  The Elevator Speech will keep the conversation going and you will be well on your way to developing a great relationship and ultimately improving your business.

How do you create an impressive Elevator Speech?  It should be 7-9 seconds in length but could go as long as 30 seconds.  However, shorter is better and will be easier to remember. Every word counts and how you put your speech together is crucial.  Follow the next 6 steps to develop the perfect Elevator Speech:

Step 1 – Write down every service you provide for your customers.
- How do you save your customers’ time?
- How do you save your customers’ money?
- How do you save your customers’ productivity?

Step 2 – Brainstorm why people choose to do business with you.
- There are many different providers out there; why you?
- What do you do to create a fan base?

Step 3 – Write it in such a way to encourage more conversation.
- Example:
Instead of, “I sell Real Estate”, how about “I specialize in helping people get the most for their money when buying and selling properties”.  Isn’t that amazing and well-crafted?  Wouldn’t you want to engage in further conversation?

Step 4 – Break the statement down.
- Tell what you do.
- State how the customer drives the benefits from working with you.
- Example: “I help people build wealth by managing their money so that it works better for them”.

Step 5 – Write out your Elevator Speech
- It needs to become you.
- It should be easily understood and just roll off your tongue.

Step 6 – Practice, practice, practice.
- Continue to tweak it until it sounds just right.

Now, after you have mastered your Elevator Speech and are frequently using it, continue to develop your relationships by asking questions about your prospects business.  What do they do?  Find out all you can about their business and products.  Then, use this extremely powerful script: “Mr./Mrs. Prospect, it has been enjoyable meeting you.  I would like to see if I know anyone in my list that would be a good prospect for your business.  How can I best refer you?”

This will make you stand out and discover just what this person needs and wants.  You need to focus on their interests and ideas. Then, following up is mission critical.  Whatever you promise to do or send, you need to do it.

There are many ways to utilize your well-designed Elevator Speech:
1 – Include it every time you introduce yourself.
2 – Include it in your email signature.
3 – Include it when you leave a voice mail message for a prospect.
4 – Include it on your business cards, letterhead, and articles you write.
5 – Include it in any marketing pieces or brochures.

Again, after meeting your prospects, following up is crucial.  Send a personal note, a book, or information you discussed.  By doing so, your prospects will remember you and the event and this will help build your business.  You are planting the seed.

So, the moral of this story is… Design a highly-effective and innovative Elevator Speech to take you and your business to the top!

What’s my Elevator Speech you ask???  Look at the beginning of the article…

To your success,

Andrea Petoskey

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