I just finished the video series on Goal Setting by Bill Bartmann (Billionaire Entrepreneur). I have just two words… INSPIRATIONAL and AMAZING!!! Mr. Bartmann presented a simple 10-Step Goal Setting Process that I wanted to share with you. Goals are necessary for any area in your life, whether you have personal goals, fitness goals, financial goals, career goals, business goals, and more. If you have not yet set your goals, you need to do so. If you don’t, how do you know what you are trying to achieve AND more importantly, how do you know when you have achieved it???

So, here it is… WRITE IT DOWN and more importantly, USE IT!

Step #1 – Make sure it’s YOUR goal.
This is the most important step. What is it that you want to achieve? Not someone else, but YOU!!

Step #2 – Do not call it a goal; call it a PROMISE.
When you have set “goals” in the past, have you achieved them? Instead of getting caught up in the word “goal”, let’s change it up a little. Think about this… how often do you keep your PROMISES? According to a study by Harvard, people keep their promises 98% of the time!!! (versus achieving goals – Americans miss their goals 70% of the time!!!).

Step #3 – Clearly identify your PROMISE.
What are you specifically trying to accomplish and achieve? How successful do you want to be? How can this be measured? BE SPECIFIC. An example, I want to earn $10,000 per month by January 2010. This is specific and measurable.

Step #4 – Use the tools around you (all the leverage you have).
There are both positive and negative motivators around you. Use them!

Positive motivators are the ones you love and are most likely your WHY. Achieve your PROMISE for them (and you)!

Negative motivators are those telling you that you CAN’T succeed in your business or you are crazy for trying to do so. Mr. Bartmann suggests writing the names of these people down on a 3×5 card and keep these cards in front of you, at your desk, in your purse, etc. This can be a serious tool and motivator to keep you going.

Step #5 – Create a PROMISE PLAN.
Every PROMISE needs a plan to achieve it. This is your business plan and there are 6 very important questions that will create this plan:
- WHAT are you going to do?
- WHEN are you going to accomplish this?
- WHERE will you be when this happens?
- WHY do you want this (what is your passion)?
- WHO do you need in your life? Who will help?
- HOW am I going to do it?

The HOW question is the most important but is the most difficult, as well. You can’t know HOW right now. Things are going to change and the HOW may change. Keep a focus on WHAT and WHY and the HOW will evolve.

Step #6 – Review your PLAN and your PROMISE on a regular basis.
Bill Bartmann states to review your PLAN and PROMISE 20 minutes per day. 20 minutes per day???? (you are thinking…) Think about this, seriously. Instead of watching TV for 20 minutes, review your PLAN and PROMISE. By reviewing your PLAN and your PROMISE regularly and consistently, you will realize how important this is AND this will help generate new and fresh ideas.

Step #7 – Tell yourself you will succeed.
Have you heard the saying that “the size of your success is determined by the size of your belief”? The voice inside of us is the most powerful, so listen to it! Stop sending negative affirmations.

Step #8 – Tell others of your PROMISE.
There is nothing like being held accountable… Share your PROMISE and allow the positive and negative motivators to inspire you to achieve your PROMISE. Make your PROMISE public. This alone, will motivate you!

Step #9 – Envision your results.
You have to see your success. You have to imagine your success. We typically imagine a negative outcome or a negative result. Shouldn’t we allow ourselves to have a positive result? Bill Bartmann shared a story about Michael Jordan envisioning a free throw before he even shot the ball. To prove his point during a game, Michael Jordan shot a free throw with his eyes closed! He envisioned himself making the basket before it was even shot.

Step #10 – START!!!
Guess what? This is the MOST IMPORTANT STEP! If you never start, you will never succeed and why even complete the previous 9 steps? You will make mistakes… that’s okay. Learn from the mistakes you make and keep going!

To your success and transformation,

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