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After I recently won a competition within our team (and over $4,000 in volume… yes I was given over $4,000 in volume including numerous team members!!!), I had to share this with you, my friends. This is the culture, this is the movement. (Check out an epiphany I had a few months ago…)

ViSalus Sciences Family

Joining this business is not just business, it’s about helping others, building relationships, and creating the success that we all want to achieve. Why do you think over 160,000 people joined the 90 Day Challenge in April?

(Yes, it may have to do with the product (shake mix that tastes like a cake mix!)… or it may have to do with the millions of pounds that have been shed on the 90 Day Challenge, or it may have to do with the fact that many people in our country want to get fit and lose weight!)

Watch my video below to learn what I did and how this can be YOU, too!

S0… you only live once.

Take a real good look … Are you part of a family in your business?

At ViSalus Sciences, we are family.


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