What is Solavei?

It’s All the Rage!

So you ask… What is Solavei?

It’s quickly becoming a common question and it’s no doubt got you wondering what is happening in the marketplace right? There are launches everywhere, and there are TONS of them.

It makes you wonder if you are always missing out on something. I understand.

However, I really would love to answer this question for you, because I personally wanted to know too, and now that I’ve been doing some research, I would like to give you a heads up on what is going on.

What is Solavei? It’s the Way to Go Mobile!

So, what is Solavei anyhow? Now that we are on topic, it may be no surprise that it’s a mobile company that can help you find a way to save on services you already use, right?

what is Solavei
If you look around you, it seems that even 9 year olds are using iPhones and iPads, and any other device that you can imagine, but do you get paid for it?

This is what Solavei can do for you that other companies CANNOT do. Simply put you can get paid for using a service that you need and use on a regular basis. This company is using the genius of modern day necessities and multi-level marketing to promote their product and the great thing is you can become a founding member too.

The thing is, you can currently only join when you are invited into Solavei, as it will NOT be available to the general public until late September.

What is Solavei? It’s a Chance to Get in on the Ground Floor!

Okay, so now that you no longer really need to ask, what is Solavei?… you are aware that it’s a great time to get in while the getting is good. At least that is what my parents always told me!

what is Solavei

Solavei has professionals that will be able to help others get started and help them to get started quickly, so that they can easily help others get trained and on the path to success early and at the very beginning. It has been said that the best way to make money is at the beginning, right? This is true of any network marketing company, and so it
is that Solavei is also pure genius in addition to being much needed.

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The goal of Solavei overall is to make those things that we all need, meaning commerce, less expensive, so that we can all get it at a fair price and earn money to use it.

What could be better than that? Nothing, in my book! With no contract, unlimited text, voice and data all for just $49 per month, you cannot beat the price, right? With a strong partnership with T-Mobile USA, Solavei provides you with the best of the best so that you can get your talk out, or your text out for less.

We know that most folks will be curious, and it will have those around you asking, “What is Solavei?”

What if you were able to easily build an online presence with Solavei? (or any business for that matter)

What if you were able to generate free leads each and every day and build a relationship with those people so they actually WANT to join YOU?

Learn how I have been able to earn over $95,000 very part time while living a life, spending time with my kids, and LOVING IT!

Let’s lock arms and I will give you access to the tools so you can learn how to have your prospects pulling out their credit card and buying from you so you can make more money, work less hours, and HAVE FUN doing it!


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